British Natural Tripe Strips

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100% Natural,

All British,  

For Dogs or Puppies (over 4 months),

Air Dried Tripe Strips.

Ethically Sourced from British Farms that adhere to all the EU Welfare and Safety regulations and guidelines

A low fat treat that is partiularly great for dogs watching their weight or on special diets.


These great treats/chews are not processed in any way and do not contain any bone.

No Preservatives, additives, colours or sweeteners of any kind

Use for oral health and as a treat or chew.


Composition :  100% British Beef Tripe

Analytical Constituents:   Protein 70% , Fat 1.4% and Moisture 8%

100g Bag

Important to remember:

Treats should make up no more than 10% of a Dog or Puppy's (over 4 months) daily diet.

All animals should be supervised when eating treats and chews.

Ensure there is always fresh water available.


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