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Our Probiotic Paste Helps Again - Read Briar's Story

We just love hearing great news and receiving wonderful reviews from our clients - after all, your pet's wellbeing is at the heart of our business, our ethos to provide our customers pets with Natural Health Supplements, Treats and Chews - helping you look after your pet through every stage of life. In this review Jo let's us know about Briar. See more about our Broadreach Nature + Probiotics For Dogs, Puppies, Cats And Kittens here.



Joint Care Advanced and our Advanced Skin and Coat Care reviewed by Belinda, owner of Sasha and Keara - two German Shepherds. The elder of the two is now much more mobile following support from our Broadreach Nature + Joint Care advanced with the younger not scratching or having irritated skin following support from our Skin and Coat Care Advanced supplements. We are so very happy for both of them.



Spider the Labrador just loves his Joint Care Advanced tablets. Just take a look at him on his first walk in a year! Broadreach Nature + Joint Care Advanced available here 


"This little darling is 13 today and her back legs have been giving her a lot of pain and slowing her down.2 weeks ago I had her and Polly groomed and because she had been standing a long time and been handled she could hardly walk at all when I got her home. I felt so bad I had put her through it. She just slept and went off her food and the Metacam didn’t seem to be working!! Then I saw an advert on Facebook for Broadreach Nature Advanced Joint Care tablets and spoke to a lovely lady called Anne who was so understanding and ordered some. Well I’m amazed as within a week she was a new girl and is definitely happy again and coming back out for walks on the beach. I’m so very grateful that this advert came up, a definite God send for me. It’s costing me a bomb in ham but who cares!!!!!! 

Irene Wadkins - 2 February 2018

Find out more about our Advanced Joint Care products here.


​When Teddy has tummy troubles Rob uses Broadreach Nature + Probiotic for Dogs and Cats

“Teddy is a fun, playful & mischievous 8 month old cockapoo puppy. As can often happen he sometimes eats things he shouldn't and every now and again ends up with upset tummy and digestive problems which can lead to runny poos . This is when I came across Broadreach Nature + Probiotic for Dogs and Cats. I only need to use a small amount twice a day and this not only rebalances his gut and digestion but he likes it too and licks it off the end like a lolly! I always keep one in the kitchen just in case it happens again as the same tube can be used multiple times so once opened doesn't go off!” - Rob Clark

Layla's Story

These have made a huge difference to the quality of her life. She still enjoys playing and will try to jump to catch the toys again now too. Thank you so much for introducing us to Broadreach Nature + Joint Care 

We are so pleased with the change in Layla’s ability to jump, climb stairs and general walking since starting these in September. It used to take her 3-4 attempts to jump on the sofa or climb the stairs before often giving up or one of us helping her. Now she managed it first time almost every time. At 12 she is obviously less keen to do lots of exercise but at least when she does now she appears less stiff and generally finishes a walk without the need to be carried - Julie Marks



His First Walk in a Year - Fantastic Result and Broadreach Nature + Advanced Joint Care

Here is the lovely Spider who could hardly get out of his bed a month ago now having been on Broadreach Advanced Joint Care see the difference.... he loves taking them too in yummy beef flavour! Take a look or order yours at www.broadreachnatureplus.co.uk


Dramatic Improvement for Bracken












A dear friend and owner of two ageing labradors recommended Broadreach Nature + Joint Care when my seven year old Westiepoo Bracken was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her shoulders and hips.  Unfortunately little Bracken was hit twice - she has an immune dificiency disorder which means operations are out of the question. However,within a month of taking Broadreach Nature + Advanced Joint care Bracken's condition had dramatically

improved. She's been on one tablet a day now for over two years and seldom limps, is rarely in pain - for which she takes mild pain killers.  Together with controlled exercise and regular veterinary checks the supplement has made a huge difference to her quality of life.  Obviously I recommend it.

From Pound to Park - a review of our Calm Care Supplement that we love!


Another great review of our Joint Care Supplements


Our client Kate sent us her thoughts after using our Broadreach Nature + Calm Care with her dogs - the feedback is wonderful!

Our new All Natural Training Treats proved a hit with Marley and his trainer - but with 80% Chicken or Fish we are not surprised! Clever pup Marley!!

Our Joint Care Range has helped Harvey

A lovely review sent to us from Mandy Swift about her gorgeous Wheaten Terrier, Harvey . He started on Broadreach Nature + Joint Care 5 to 6 months ago after having his cruciate ligament operated on and previously also had a knee operation. His owner at the time felt she didnt want to risk him needing the other knee operated on and so looked for a supplement that would help and support him. Her Friend Sharon Short was already using this Joint Care Supplement for her medium sized dog Paddy and recommended to Mandy to try it. Within a couple of weeks Mandy noticed he was alot more mobile and even able to climb up 2 to 3 flights of stairs. Something he just couldn't have even thought of previously. (although she doesnt't encourage that as she knows its bad for his joints). She is over the moon and contacted us to be able to share this story with you. I attach a photo of Harvey with her grandson playing in the garden. She has said he is going to stay on these now for the rest of his life to keep him happy and comfortable as she wants to avoid him having to have any other operations due to his age of 11.5 years old and wants to use something that is natural and non toxic to his system.