About Us

I have always loved being around animals and have had pets as part of family life from as early as I can remember. I believe they bring so much to a family and how they touch our lives in so many ways.

From a very early age I decided I wanted to be involved within the animal industry and I did get the opportunity when my daughter was born 15 years ago to focus my attention towards our dogs, cats and horses.

However, in our pet’s lives things can happen, joint or hip problems, internal disorders , environmental issues outside of our control, recovering from an injury or operation, illnesses, allergies etc. This was why over the years I have had a very good relationship with Vets and Associated Professionals and it is through these contacts that I now have a range of what I believe is one of the best selections of Natural Pet Supplements (nutraceuticals) on the market. These products are not only Vet Approved but have actually been developed by or in conjunction with Vets. 

Broadreach Nature + Pet Supplements are some of the most effective, potent formulas available for dogs and cats, already used in the Veterinary Sector and I am very excited to be able to offer them to you.

During this time I have also tried many brands of foods for my animals. Some of these top brands I found very variable in how my pets reacted and their body condition which led me to look for what I feel is one of the best Ranges in the market place today called Broadreach Nature +

I have a Naturals Range and also a Grain Free range depending on your dogs and puppies specific needs. Both are Vet Approved, hypoallergenic, dairy free and produced to a very high quality. They are manufactured in the UK to GMP standards using the gentlest of processes, retaining the most goodness and natural protein sources possible. They are complete foods so balanced with all the vitamins and minerals the dogs need and as well as being a complete diet only natural ingredients are used with a very high meat content so quality is not compromised in any way.

All of my own dogs and puppies are brought up on this food and since using it I have noticed a marked improvement in their overall condition but particularly in their skin and coats. Their stools are more solid and they need less food to maintain their optimum weight and so is more cost effective. I want to give my animals the very best that I can and now want to share these great products with you too!